Anywhere Commerce’s Gateway Course Includes Adding NFC-Payment Capabilities

March 10, 2015


Mobile point-of-sale company AnywhereCommerce will add near-field communications (NFC) payment capability to its mobile hardware in coming weeks, signaling a further shift along its path to becoming a cloud-based payments gateway. That’s the word from William Nichols, Anywhere Commerce’s chief executive.

That strategy, implemented about six months ago when Nichols arrived from Verifone Inc. to step in for Mitch Cobrin, who had been the Montreal-based company’s top executive for more than four years, is coming to fruition. Cobrin, Anywhere Commerce’s founder, continues as chief catalyst with the company, working on business development and strategic partners.

Nichols says certification of AnywhereCommerce’s gateway for magnetic-stripe transactions by processors is complete, with EMV-transaction certification under way. With a focus on the Americas, that EMV certification is crucial, as the United States and other markets migrate to the chip card payment standard.

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Pamela Rasey