AnywhereCommerce Granted 2 Patents for Mobile Payments



AnywhereCommerce has been granted 2 additional patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office covering mobile payments using a dongle in conjunction with a mobile handset, PDA, tablet and all other mobile devices.

Patent# 8,281,998 and Patent # 8,286,875 cover transactions using a payment apparatus in conjunction with a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or PDA. This innovation covers and includes audio jack based payment transactions for magstripe, NFC, IC, EMV, RFID, loyalty rewards, and barcode readers.

“We are thrilled to receive these patents that have deep implications for the high growth mobile payments market” said Mitchell Cobrin, CEO of AnywhereCommerce. “As the original inventor of mobile POS solutions, AnywhereCommerce has been a payments pioneer since 1999. This patent is a testament to the ingenuity of our product management and engineering team.” Cobrin added : “Essentially, any commercial card transaction done through the audio jack of a mobile device communicating with a remote transaction server is now in the scope of these patents. This is a strategic triumph for AnywhereCommerce and our valued customers.”

AnywhereCommerce is recognized as the ‘best of breed’ mobile solutions provider and the new patents will bolster the value proposition for AnywhereCommerce’s extensive line of mobile based PCI approved readers. AnywhereCommerce has established relationships with global distributors and strategic channel partners.

About AnywhereCommerce

AnywhereCommerce is a global eCommerce and mCommerce payments technology engineering and solutions provider with patented and proprietary suites of hardware, software and gateway solutions for secure online and mobile, card-present credit card, PIN debit, Chip and PIN- EMV and NFC transactions. The universal “aCommerce” platform designed for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile, provides white label and customized application services for retail line-busting as well as traditional field services such as repairman, delivery or taxi services. Our PCI and EMV approved devices and bank grade secure end–to-end ecosystem provide greater security, reliability, convenience and return on investment for consumers, merchants, networks, issuers and acquirers.

Pamela Rasey