AnywhereCommerce Introduces New Devices featuring EMV, Contactless and Over-the-Air Updates

New Devices, Enhanced Security Technology and Remote Management Capabilities Combine to Improve the mPOS Experience

Montreal, April 19, 2016 – AnywhereCommerce, a global payments solutions provider, announced a significant expansion to its family of mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) card devices, along with enhancements to its developer tools, and expanded features for its gateway and management platform. The company is showcasing its entire enhanced solutions portfolio at TRANSACT 16, being held this week in Las Vegas.

“AnywhereCommerce has been a leader in mPOS since the nascent days of simple mag-stripe dongles for micro-merchants,” said William Nichols, president and chief executive officer of AnywhereCommerce. “Today’s solutions must expand and evolve to meet merchants’ growing demand for enhanced card acceptance, robust security and comprehensive management tools. We are proud to be an integral part of this exciting transformation in the payments industry.”

New devices from AnywhereCommerce include the following:

  • Walker BT – a compact Bluetooth device that supports mag-stripe and chip & signature
  • Walker C2X – an audio jack device that supports mag-stripe, chip & signature and contactless, including Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • Nomad CXR – a Bluetooth device that supports mag-stripe, chip & signature and contactless, including Apple Pay and Android Pay, and features remote over-the-air key injection and updates

The company’s CorePay software developer toolkit has been enhanced to support CorePay Secure, which extends turn-key P2PE capabilities to merchants, developers, processors and ISOs looking to implement secure mPOS transactions that significantly reduce PCI scope in their environments.

About AnywhereCommerce

AnywhereCommerce is a global mCommerce technology provider and industry innovator with a portfolio of IP, including industry recognized audio-jack patents. AnywhereCommerce offers a suite of hardware, software, developer tools, retail mPOS platforms, and gateway solutions that deliver an end-to-end mobile payments experience supporting transactions initiated via mag-stripe, EMV chip and signature, EMV chip and PIN, and Apple Pay. The solutions are backed by its aCommerce Management Platform, a robust cloud-based transaction and reporting engine. Our PCI and EMVCo certified ecosystem works on iOS, Android and Windows systems and provides optimal security, reliability, and convenience for merchants, networks, issuers, processors and acquirers. For more information, please visit

Pamela Rasey