AnywhereCommerce’s Nomad is Industry’s First Mobile PCI-validated P2PE EMV Device

Results in Drastic Reduction of Time, Labor and Costs Associated with Certifying and Maintaining PCI Compliance

MONTREAL, APRIL 19, 2016 – AnywhereCommerce, a global payments solutions provider, announced today that its Nomad 2 device is the industry’s first EMV-certified mobile card reader to attain PCI validation as part of a point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution. Forward-thinking enterprises that implement PCI-validated P2PE solutions are able to mitigate the complexity of PCI compliance, resulting in significant cost savings, and shaving months off the annual PCI certification process.

AnywhereCommerce can provide a turn-key managed PCI-validated P2PE mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution to developers, processors, and ISOs utilizing its CorePay Secure integration tools for EMV chip and PIN acceptance on mobile phone and tablet POS systems. Integration is achieved through a simple API implementation, typically with no change to the transaction flow.

“We’re excited to be the world’s first provider of a PCI-validated P2PE mPOS solution that helps secure data and provide protection from chargebacks related to the EMV liability shift,” said William Nichols, CEO, AnywhereCommerce. “Mobile payment acceptance is an integral part of the omni-channel commerce experience. As businesses continue to implement security solutions to protect data in-person and online, fraudsters will adjust their sights to target the mobile space. And we stand ready to stop them.”

To achieve PCI certification for a P2PE solution, vendors must complete a rigid PCI DSS audit check that validates that the following are in place: a hardware-to-hardware encryption and decryption process, an SRED-enabled (Secure Reading and Exchange of Data) device, and proof that the entire chain of custody related to the distribution channel—from factory to key injection facility to customer—follows strict controls regarding shipping, receiving, tamper-evident packaging and merchant installation.

Merchants that implement PCI-validated P2PE solutions experience a significant reduction in the time and labor required to complete the annual PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). Instead of answering hundreds of questions associated with the SAQ C or D, which typically takes weeks or months to complete, merchants use a simple SAQ P2PE consisting of 19 questions, which can be completed in about 15 minutes.

The Nomad 2 is a compact Bluetooth and SRED-enabled mobile card reader that supports transactions initiated via magnetic stripe, EMV chip and signature and EMV chip and PIN. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets running iOS, Android or Windows. Integration to the P2PE platform is accomplished using CorePay Secure, a robust software development kit that employs simple drag-and-drop tools. The solution is certified to a number of leading processors in the US and Latin America, allowing developers to easily incorporate certified EMV payment functionality into any mPOS application, which significantly reduces the complexities related to Level 3 EMV certification.

About AnywhereCommerce

AnywhereCommerce is a global mCommerce technology provider and industry innovator with a portfolio of IP, including industry recognized audio-jack patents. AnywhereCommerce offers a suite of hardware, software, developer tools, retail mPOS platforms, and gateway solutions that deliver an end-to-end mobile payments experience supporting transactions initiated via mag-stripe, EMV chip and signature, EMV chip and PIN, and Apple Pay. The solutions are backed by its aCommerce Management Platform, a robust cloud-based transaction and reporting engine. Our PCI and EMVCo certified ecosystem works on iOS, Android and Windows systems and provides optimal security, reliability, and convenience for merchants, networks, issuers, processors and acquirers. For more information, please visit

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