At NRF 2019, AnywhereCommerce Launches its New Terminal-as-a-Service (TaaS) Offering

NEW YORK, January 13, 2019 – AnywhereCommerce announces today the launch of TaaS (Terminal-as-a-Service), its unique Unified Cloud-Based Terminal & eCommerce Platform. TaaS is a combined force of Cloud POS services and terminals leveraged as a complete offering, or via components, to payment-enable any application. TasS allows ISVs to stay secure and compliant with always up-to-date devices & certifications. It eliminates direct EMV certification requirements, reduces upfront & maintenance costs, and removes the need for local POS servers, as well as expensive IT infrastructures like networks and routers.

“The addition of TaaS to our product lines allows us to better serve the growing needs of ISVs for simple and powerful integration of payment to their applications”, stated Michael Kron, AnywhereCommerce’s President & CEO. TaaS is already rolled out with early adopters ISVs who are pleased with the ease and speed of integration (only one REST API), along with the flexibility and performance of the solution.

About AnywhereCommerce
Founded in 2006 by the pioneers of mobile payments, AnywhereCommerce provides a complete range of certified card readers, mobile apps, gateway connectivity, developer tools, and customized services. With its deep industry knowledge, AnywhereCommerce brings innovative mobile solutions to Merchant Service Providers (MSPs), Developers, ISVs, and Enterprises. AnywhereCommerce enables clients and partners to quickly extend payment acceptance for micro-merchants, SMBs and large enterprise businesses everywhere. AnywhereCommerce has offices throughout North and South America.

Pamela Rasey