Card Readers

Chip & PIN Nomad WP2

Chip & PIN Nomad WP2

Powerful On-the-Go Payment Acceptance

The Nomad WP2 and WP2 Plus EMV and NFC Chip & PIN devices feature everything needed to securely process mobile payments, including an optional integrated receipt printer.

Chip & PIN
Chip & Sign

Nomad WP2

Nomad WP2 PLUS

with Printer

Nomad WP2 Features

Accept All Card Types

Enables merchants to accept EMV Chip & Sign, EMV Chip & PIN and magnetic stripe payments.

Certified Contactless Payments

Supports all types of digital wallets and contactless payments.

Robust Security

Secure Reading and Exchange of Data (SRED) facilitates reduced PCI scope from the earliest point in the transaction lifecycle when part of a PCI-validated P2PE solution.

Receipt Printer

Optional built-in printer provides consumers with a paper trail for purchases.

Remote Support

Software and firmware updates can be supported via secure remote over-the-air communications, ensuring the device is always current.

Nomad WP2 Details

The Nomad WP2 is a hand-held mobile device that supports Chip & PIN, Chip & Sign and magnetic stripe payment technologies. It is certified to accept both contact and contactless payments.

The Nomad WP2 Plus features an integrated printer, making it ideal for merchants that want to provide customers with a paper receipt — a feature that is especially important for businesses that sell valuable goods and services or that don’t want to take the time to capture signatures and type in email addresses.

Robust security and proven PTS-P2PE compliant SRED technology combine to protect cardholder data, ensuring that account information is never stored in the device, phone or tablet. Nomad WP2 pairs with all popular mobile devices running iOS, Android or Windows, and communicates via Bluetooth.

Easy-to-use APIs and SDKs facilitate quick integration of payments. For the device to always be up to date, firmware and parameter changes are accomplished OTA (Over-the-Air).

Nomad WP2 Specifications


EMV chip card reader

ISO 7816 compliant class A, B, C card

Triple track magnetic stripe card reader

NFC card reader

EMV contactless, ISO 14443A/B

Secure PIN pad

(Thermal printer)

Over-the-air firmware update

Over-the-air cryptographic-key loading

Dimensions (Plus)

69.2 x 113.4 x 16.3mm / 2.72 x 4.46 x 0.64inch (approx.)

(155 x 78 x 38.4mm / 6.1 x 3.07 x 1.51inch (approx.))


Backlit dot-matrix LCD with NFC LED status indicator

Power &

Micro USB

Lithium polymer rechargeable battery 750mAh, 3.7V

Charging docking station (optional)

Battery Life (Plus)

Above 600 EMV transactions, or above 2200 magnetic card swipe transactions, or above 650 EMV contactless transactions, or 12 hrs BLE broadcasting for one fully charge

(Above 1000 EMV transactions, or above 4000 magnetic card swipe transactions, or above 1100 EMV contactless transactions, or 12 hrs BLE broadcasting for one fully charge)


mPOS mode: Bluetooth 2.1 & 4.0, Micro USB

Standalone mode: WiFi, GPRS (optional)/3G (optional)


Dual SAM cards
Single SAM card & single SIM card if with GPRS/3G

Key Management





10 numerical buttons, enter, cancel & clear buttons, power/setting button, up & down buttons


Security & EMV Certifications
EMV L1/L2 contact
EMV Contactless L1

Contactless Certifications
Mastercard PayPass, Visa PayWave, Amex ExpressPay,
ApplePay, AndroidPay, Discover

mPOS Certifications
MasterCard Mobile POS, VISA Ready

Quality/Regulatory Certifications
MasterCard TQM, FCC, CE, RoHS

Card Readers

Bi-directional triple-track MSR (1, 2, 3)

ISO 7816 chip card reader

ISO 14443 Type A/B contactless card reader

Swipe Speed

15cm – 100cm/sec

(WP2 Plus only)

Paper width: 58mm

Paper roll diameter: 30mm

Resolution: 8 dots/mm


Android 2.1 or above

iOS 6.0 or above

Windows Phone 8 and above

Windows & MacOS


500,000 smart card insertions

500,000 magnetic stripe swipes

Thermal Printer (Plus only)

Paper width: 58mm/2.28inch

Paper roll diameter: Max 30mm/1.18inch (can print 60 receipts with printing length 100mm per receipt)

Resolution: 8 dots/mm, 384 dots/line


12 months