Powa Technologies Adds EMV-Enabled AnywhereCommerce mSuite Solutions to PowaPOS Software Developer Kit

Integration brings plug-­and-­play EMV and NFC functionality to PowaPOS Independent Software Vendor Partners via AnywhereCommerce’s card device and gateway solutions


ATLANTA – MARCH 24, 2015 – International commerce specialist Powa Technologies announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with AnywhereCommerce, a global provider of mobile commerce technology, by integrating AnywhereCommerce’s mSuite Solutions into the PowaPOS SDK. Through this partnership, independent software vendors (ISVs) will gain access to AnywhereCommerce’s suite of EMV and NFC payment solutions for iOS, Android and Windows tablet-based point-­of‐sale solutions.  The PowaPOS SDK, part of its advanced Developer Program, now supports AnywhereCommerce’s entire mSuite solutions family, which consists of card acceptance devices, POS payment software, and a back-end management platform that includes gateway connectivity to processing end points in the US, Canada, and Latin America.

The PowaPOS SDK provides a single universal API for the fully integrated PowaPOS T25 hardware, all peripheral devices and payment systems. ISVs integrated with the PowaPOS SDK will automatically have plug-­and-­play access to AnywhereCommerce’s end‐to­‐end payment solutions supporting transactions initiated via magnetic stripe, EMV chip and signature, EMV chip and PIN, and NFC, including the Apple Pay solution.

“Combining the capabilities of the PowaPOS hardware platform and universal SDK with our proven platform of payment software, tools and devices makes perfect business sense for our company, and our customers,” said William Nichols, chief executive officer, AnywhereCommerce. “Leveraging our respective POS solutions frees ISVs to concentrate on core POS functionality, while leaving the complexities of payment enablement to the experts at AnywhereCommerce and PowaPOS.”

“The relationship we have with AnywhereCommerce underscores the value of eliminating a point of friction that has kept many tablet-based POS solutions from achieving scale,” said Jeff Dumbrell, CEO, PowaPOS. “With this integration of our toolsets, ISVs can quickly take advantage of a proven end-­to­‐end payment solution without having to develop and support another level of integration.”

“And, as Powa deepens its commitment to the growing Latin American market, AnywhereCommerce’s extensive and established presence there enables us to provide a more complete point-of-sale solution to the SMB marketplace,” continued Dumbrell.

The integration encompasses AnywhereCommerce’s entire mSuite solutions family, including support of its Walker and Nomad line of secure EMV and NFC card acceptance devices, its mPOS payment software apps, use of its CorePay library of robust payment features, and access to its cloud-based aCommerce Management Platform that extends connectivity to a number of processing endpoints, and provides an advanced reporting and administrative portal.

PowaPOS is the first point of sale platform purpose-built to meet market demand for tablet-based payments. The PowaPOS T25 is the only fully integrated design to incorporate all common retail peripherals and support all POS software across all operating systems. Powered by a single power cord, the PowaPOS platform features a built in thermal printer, 2D scanner, orientation sensor, and the optional PowaPOS Cash Drawer. With its advanced SDK, PowaPOS easily integrates with all POS software applications, as well as third party payment devices and PowaTag, Powa’s innovative mobile commerce enablement app.

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Powa Technologies is an international commerce specialist that creates technologies to enable a seamless consumer experience across all purchase channels: online, offline and everywhere. With its next-generation solutions PowaTag, PowaPOS and PowaWeb, Powa removes the final barriers to instant global transactions through a revolutionary instant mobile payment technology, the first fully integrated tablet POS platform, and advanced cloud-based ecommerce solutions. Significant investment capital has accelerated company growth, attracting the industry’s finest subject matter experts to conceive, build and deploy innovative commerce technology at the heart of both merchants’ and brands’ future omnichannel selling strategies. Powa Technologies is headquartered in London, UK, with offices in New York, Atlanta, San Diego, Miami, Toronto, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Shanghai. Follow Powa on Twitter @PowaTechLtd.

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AnywhereCommerce is a global mobile payments technology solutions provider with a portfolio of IP, including the de facto audio-jack patents. AnywhereCommerce offers a global suite of hardware, software and gateway solutions for secure online and mobile card-present credit, debit, Chip (PIN and signature), and NFC transactions. Its Universal “aCommerce Platform” designed for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows, provides white label and customized software applications for mobile and tablet-based POS solutions. Its PCI and EMVCo certified ecosystem provides optimal security, reliability, convenience and return on investment for merchants, networks, issuers, processors and acquirers. For more information, please visit

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