Unified Cloud-Based Terminal & eCommerce Platform

Payments Simplified

One Source for Payment Integration

Payment Industry Evolution

Cloud services, or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), have become a standard way of doing business for CRM, accounting, banking and more.

Now the payment industry is shifting with Cloud POS solutions taking a stronger place in service offerings.

Across the value chain, Enterprises, Merchants, ISVs and others are recognizing the advantages of doing business in the cloud with easy access to services and tools to integrate payments and manage terminals in more efficient ways.

AnywhereCommerce TaaS

AnywhereCommerce’s Terminal-as-a-Service (TaaS) is a combined force of Cloud POS services and terminals leveraged as a complete offering, or via components, to payment-enable any application.


One REST API to Rule Them All

Fast Payment Integration for ISVs & Developers

Flexible Features

Unsurpassed Customization & Scalability
Taxes and Tip
Per Transaction Level Configuration
Real-Time Terminal Configuration
Messaging API

Supported Platforms

TaaS Advantages

Process, Reconcile & Record Transactions without Overhauling IT Infrastructures
Secure & PCI Compliant
Scalable Platform
Analytics & Diagnostics
Unlimited Cloud Storage


Save Time & Money


  • Stay secure and compliant with always up-to-date devices & certifications
  • Gain an expert team to integrate and maintain payments

Cost Savings

  • Eliminate ISVs direct EMV certification requirements
  • Reduce upfront & maintenance costs
  • Removes the need for local POS servers, expensive networks and routers

Fast & Simple

  • Integrate payment fast with one REST API
  • No changes required for existing POS systems
  • Leverage ready-to-go SaaS environnement

Keep Yourself Out-of-Compliance-Scope

No risk of breaches as card data go direct from the card reader to the payment processor and never passes though your application

Bringing Mobile Payment Acceptance to the Point-of-Service

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